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  • How to use Chinese Verbs 动词

    Verbs are used to help us express ourselves clearly in any language. Unlike English or Japanese, the form of a Chinese verb never changes, meaning...
  • Festivals in Chinese: Christmas 圣诞节

    In this post, let's learn about Christmas 圣诞节 [shèng dàn jié] in Chinese. Christmas is just around the corner, and many cities across the globe ar...
  • Festivals in Chinese: Thanksgiving Day 感恩节

    In this post, let's learn about Thanksgiving Day 感恩节 [gǎn ēn jié] in Chinese. Thanksgiving Day is one of United States traditional festival. It is...
  • Learn Chinese Vocabulary: Thank 谢词汇

    Time passes by so quickly and now it's almost the end of the year. I would like to say thanks to everyone who have supported us. So a huge thanks ...
  • How to use Chinese Conjunctions 关联词

    Conjunctions 关联词 [guān lián cí] are words that connect clauses and phrases together to form a sentence.