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About Us

Welcome to Learn Chinese @ MorningMobi

Greetings! We are EO and Su, the two founders of MorningMobi Studio. This is our online store "Learn Chinese @ MorningMobi", dedicating to teach Simplified Chinese character writing. We design quality learning materials that will make learning Chinese easier, by which many native Chinese have been using such method for years!

Moving into Education

When we started MorningMobi back in 2012, we have been developing various e-learning websites and their content. Along the way, our friends suggested that we create some Chinese learning materials, as local bookstores have limited choices.

After some research, we noticed that good educational materials for Chinese language aren't always available and we find that existing materials lacked something essential. In the end, we decided to make our own of Simplified Chinese learning materials.

For the past few years, we have been selling our Simplified Chinese character worksheets in other online stores such as Etsy and Teachers Pay Teachers. We have accumulated some good reviews and feedback from our customers. With our growing list of products, we decided to set up our own online store so we can reach more learners and build better connections with our customers.

Why Chinese worksheets?

To learn Chinese language, one might download some language apps, watch some online videos or enroll in language courses. Certainly those materials can improve one's skill in reading, listening and speaking. However, writing practice is always lacking. If someone can't write Chinese characters on paper, there is no way to claim that he really knows the language. It is very unlikely that one is allowed to write essay with a phone or on the iPad in the exam hall. We are not trying to compete with other methods, but to complement the last piece of your Chinese learning journey.

To many non-native Chinese, writing all those Chinese characters can be overwhelming in comparison to English alphabets. Most possibly you have seen Chinese characters worksheet elsewhere, but there are limited choices available for your learning needs. We believe our Chinese character series cover many of the essential words that you need. After all, we have made a lot of worksheets and will be constantly adding more topics. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter so that you will not be left out.

Writing Simplified Chinese characters can be easier

Have a look at how we make our Simplified Chinese Characters Worksheet. You will be surprise how simple and intuitive it can be, that even a child can easily do it without much supervision. We welcome your feedback and suggestion so that we can improve the quality of our work.

Let our Chinese worksheets help you today