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Chinese Conjunctions 1 Chinese Writing Character Worksheets PDF
Chinese Conjunctions 1 Chinese Writing Character Worksheets PDF
Chinese Conjunctions 1 Chinese Writing Character Worksheets PDF

Chinese Conjunctions 1 - Chinese Writing Character Worksheets PDF

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Chinese Conjunctions 1 关联词 (一)

Conjunctions are words that connect clauses and phrases together to form a sentence.

Some examples of conjunction words (in English) are ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘if’ and ‘because’. There are similar words in the Chinese language, but there are rules and specific patterns in order to use them in sentences.


This product contains the following worksheets:

Chinese Conjunctions pt.1

  • 和 and / with
  • 与 and / with
  • 以及 and / as well as / along with
  • 而 and / as well as / yet / but
  • 并 and / furthermore
  • 还是 or (used in questions or question-like sentences)
  • 虽然……但是…… although......but......
  • 却 but
  • 因为……所以…… because......therefore......
  • 由于 due to / owing to / because of
  • 如果……就…… if......then......


Sample Sentences

和 and / with

In this sentence, ‘my sister’ and ‘I’ change positions and still produce the same meaning:

My sister and I love to watch movie.

我和姐姐喜欢看电影。[wǒ hé jiě jiě xǐ huān kàn diàn yǐng]

姐姐和我喜欢看电影。 [jiě jiě hé wǒ xǐ huān kàn diàn yǐng]

When 和 is used as a preposition, the meaning of the sentence will change with the position of the subjects are changed:

I lost my temper with him. 我和他发脾气。 [wǒ hé tā fā pí qì]

He lost his temper with me. 他和我发脾气。 [tā hé wǒ fā pí qì]


与 and / with

和 [hé] is used in spoken and written Chinese, whereas 与 [yǔ] is mostly used in written Chinese.

They only do business with big companies.

他们只与大公司做生意。 [tā men zhǐ yǔ dà gōn gsī zuò shēng yì]


以及 and / as well as / along with

Similar to 和 (hé), 以及 (yǐ jí) can be used to connect two subjects, but there are differences between them such as importance and order of priority.

The price of diamond, as well as gold, has gone up.

钻石以及黄金的价格上涨。 [zuàn shí yǐ jí huáng jīn de jià gé shàng zhǎng]


而 and / as well as / yet / but

She is young and beautiful. 她年轻而美丽。 [tā nián qīng ér měi lì]


并 and / furthermore

Please fill in your passport number and sign it. 请你填上护照号码并签名。 [qǐng nǐ tián shàng hù zhào hào mǎ bìng qiān míng]


还是 or

This is commonly used in questions or question-like sentences.

Would you like to drink juice or tea? 你想喝果汁还是茶? [nǐ xiǎng hē guǒ zhī hái shì chá]


虽然……但是…… although......but......

For Chinese sentences, “although” and “but” are used together.

Although he is not tall, he is strong. / He is not tall, but he is strong.

他虽然个不高,但是很强壮。 [tā suī rán gè bù gāo, dàn shì hěn qiáng zhuàng]


却 but

He is hardworking, but not very smart. 他很努力,却不大聪明。 [tā hěn nǔ lì, què bù dà cōng míng]


因为……所以…… because......therefore......

In Cbinese,both “because” and “therefore” appear in a sentence. It is used in both written and spoken Chinese.

She quit her job because she didn't like her company.

因为她不喜欢那家公司,所以她辞职了。 [yīn wèi tā bù xǐ huān nà jiā gōng sī, suǒy ǐ tā cí zhí le]


由于 due to / owing to / because of

Class was cancelled due to the bad weather. 由于天气不好, 今天的课取消了。 [yóu yú tiān qì bù hǎo, jīn tiān de kè qǔ xiāo le]


如果……就…… if......then......

If the weather is bad, then I will not go. 如果天气不好, 我就不去了。 [Rú guǒ tiān qì bù hǎo, wǒ jiù bù qù le]



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